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Emergence Weekend

Our fundamental Practice experience, the Emergence Weekend forms the building blocks for deeper exploration of your awareness. Join us for a weekend of awakening and Journey.

Programs and Training

NextStage offers a variety of Practice programs and training, both online and in-person are available covering topics like meditation, Shamanism, healing and more. Explore our offerings.

Private Consultations

If you prefer to explore in private 1 on 1 sessions, NextStage offers phone and Skype consultations. Private in-person training is also available and highly recommended, contact us for more information.

Comments from our students

  • Joseph and Susan have a great deal of knowledge in the area of healing...They have a great teaching style and are very easy to understand and compliment each others' presentation of the topic
    Craig Valine, N. Quincy, MA
  • I've taken journeying classes before and they were nothing like this. Now I know what journeying is suppose to be. Thank you for that Power!
    St. John, NB, Canada
  • I felt very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful spiritual journey. The materials -- sage, drum, spiders -- were very affirming
    Karen Edgerly, Waltham, MA
  • Joseph is very warm and inviting. My attention never strayed. Fascinating, exciting, peaceful
    Austin Sheatsley, Pepperel, MA
  • You will find Joseph to be kind, gentle, loving, expansive, open, clear, and very playful.
    Keith Petty, Boston, MA
  • As a professional therapist, I have been very enthusiastic about Joseph's course. His classes are a balance between didactic information and Shamanic experiences which can bring one to useful and enjoyable personal knowledge.
    Kanta Connie Bousquet, Psychotherapist, Goffstown, NH
  • became very clear to me this weekend that I don't always rely on my own person [and] now I know how to open myself up to the power that lies within me.
    Brenda Magee, Family Services Facilitator, St. John, NB, Canada
  • I found the weekend to be nourishing and enlightening. I am still receiving messages and need to follow the guidance that is being provided.
    J.S. MacMillan, St. John, NB, Canada
  • The workshop was very powerful for me. I felt heard and accepted more than any other time before.
    Jean-Paul Daigle, Rothesay, NB, Canada
  • ...ceremonies explained well, and very helpful." "...questions encouraged...very good at explaining different ways of learning the material." "Wonderfully articulate speaker, draws on a lot of different images to makes things clear to people of many backgrounds." "I found Joseph to be very profound and presented the material in a gentle, caring, accepting way. I like his idea of 'planetary wisdom'. This planet could use some from all cultures!
    Interface Students, Cambridge, MA
  • ...Joseph gave us the power to believe in ourselves...I learned to be free in what I think and that how I think and feel is ok.
    Rivier College Students, Nashua, NH
  • The workshop was a most powerful experience, and each one of us continues to feel the effects of that power.
    Christine LeBlanc, St. John, NB, Canada
  • I came to Joseph having reached a plateau in my spiritual journey. I was looking for something, but I had no idea what that was. He offered to Skype with me; this first informal meeting was a turning point for me. In each of my subsequent one on one consultations with Joseph, I was offered a tool or exercise that he and Susan chose after great care and with consideration of my personal need. These tools have had applications in my personal life as a father and husband as well as my professional life as a military officer. In 20 years of seeking, this is the first time I have ever felt like I have a personal relationship with a teacher and not just a business one. If you are like me and have been searching for a teacher to no avail and/or if you are journeying and looking for a safe and enlightened port of call, Joseph, Susan, and NextStage are highly recommended.
    Joe Della Rosa
  • A MAGICAL TRIP! ... a phantasmagoric rollercoaster ride through our neural networks, showing us places we didn't know existed. And leaving us limp, giddy and exhilarated. ... push you to the wild fringe of your imagination and beyond. Race. Race. Race. Push your mind as far as it can go. MORE! We all wanted more.
    Vienna, VA
  • The course intrigued me greatly. I learned about myself and a new approach to seeing things.
    Nashua, NH
  • ...someone whose insights or talent or generosity with their time turned out to make a big difference in the quality of my work. ... You were a real find...and I wanted you to know that I grateful to you...
    Bedford, NH
  • ...the group was enthralled.
    Jeanne M.
  • was fabulous...he's been a guest several times, always with huge success. He's such a fabulous teacher, and the taste we got of this new course left a bunch of us panting for more.
    Jan I.